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Covid Distrib'gel

Standard Finishes:

Discover our distributor of hydroalcoholic gel Distrib'gel with mechanical pedal allowing hand disinfection without any contact and creating a more hygienic working environment.  

White in color, the Distrib’gel hydroalcoholic gel dispenser is suitable for all spaces open to the public such as shops, public services or stores.


- No hand contact

Pedal-activated hydroalcoholic gel dispenser, to avoid any hand contact with the tower.

- Highly stable tower

4 mm thick metal base plate, dimensions 30 x 30 cm, for a highly stable tower. 4 non-slip pads.

- Universal

Dispenser suitable for all types of disinfectant liquid (solution or gel), with its 450 ml pump-bottle (included).

-Complete and ready to use

Delivered ready to install. 2 metal accessories : support to display the user instructions and side shelf for a box of masks or gloves. Hydroalcoholic gel not supplied. 

- Robust and durable

All-metal construction with steel column and stainless steel head. Mechanical bottle anti-theft system built into the stainless steel head.

- Fully mechanical system

Fully mechanical system fitted inside the column acting on the pump-bottle when the user’s foot presses the pedal, located in the lower part of the tower. Stainless steel dispensing head with drip plug in the top part of the tower.

- Quick and easy to install

Easily installed in all indoor spaces (free-standing or attached to the floor). Pump-bottle easy to access and quick to fill.

- Rechargeable pump-bottle included

450 ml polyethylene pump-bottle supplied empty, rechargeable with all types of disinfectant liquid.

- Steel dispenser, 1 mm thick structure and 4 mm thick base, white epoxy finish (RAL 9003).

Structure composed of a tubular square column, cross-section 90 x 90 mm, and a screwed base, cross-section 30 x 30 cm.

- Stainless steel removable head and stainless steel drip plug to dispense the hydroalcoholic gel.

- Pedal-operated system inside the column to dispense the required quantity of gel.

- Can only be used with the bottle supplied, capacity 450 ml.

- Hydroalcoholic gel not supplied.

- Overall dimensions : 335w x 300d x 1200h

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