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Phone Booths:

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Hush Phone Booth

Modern workplaces are adapting to the needs of the people who perform their jobs in them. More and more employees express the desire to find acoustic solutions which would let them work in peace and be more effective. Providing special zones for phone calls and videoconferences has become one of the crucial elements of an office that is friendly and open to the needs of employees. The best solutions should be flexible
and inexpensive to implement, and this is exactly what we provide.


- Moveable / Relocatable
- Glass rear wall
- PIR air circulation
- LED lighting
- Power module with USB
- White MFC shelf and Oak pull down laptop table
- 30+ dB rating
- Upholstered using Mura or Wool fabric
- Carcass available in White or Anthracite
- Supplied with anti-collision sticker

Standard Finishes:

Alternative Options:


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