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Mango Chair:


Mango, the new personal workspace solution, is created with headspace in mind. Striking the perfect balance between privacy and ergonomics, Mango allows its user to comfortably escape distractions for extended periods of time without the need to leave the room.

Mango is available with or without a high upholstered screen surround, with the option of an extended privacy screen for acoustic insulation to minimise surrounding noise levels. A left-hand or right-hand writing tablet on an articulated arm lets the user position work and devices ergonomically, ensuring the user’s physical wellbeing. Integrated power and data options provide connectivity, essential for modern day work and life.

Mango also fits seamlessly into public areas, including airport lounges, waiting areas, and hotel lobbies, offering users a private space to work, touchdown or relax.


- Multiple Upholstery Options

- Large Work Chair with Sprung Seat

- Optional Left or Right Hand Working Tablet

- High Upholstered Screen Surround

- Optional Power and USB Sockets

- 1040w x 1530d x 1400h

Standard Finishes:



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