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Monitor Arms:

ZGO Single Monitor arm.jpg

Ergonomic solutions in the workplace strive to improve the health of the workforce. There has been an increase of awareness regarding ergonomics in the workplace. Both employers and employees are looking for for more ergonomic solutions to increase comfort and productivity in the workplace.

The overall goal of the monitor arm is to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury. Monitor arms provide freedom so the user can adjust their monitor to an angle that is comfortable for them. This allows them more customisation within their workspace.

Three common complaints of those who work with computers are 1. neck pain, 2. back pain, and 3. eye pain. These are all areas that a monitor arm aims to relieve.

Standard Finishes:


ZGO Single Monitor Arm


- 11kg Single Monitor Arm

- Quick Release Vesa Fixing

- Interchangable Panels

Alternative Options:

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