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Eko Lockers

Alternative Options:

Eko lockers are available as 6, 9 or 12 locker configurations. Designed to store personal effects or professional equipment (bag or motorcycle crash
helmet), Eko lockers can be installed in open spaces such as in coworking spaces where each user has a secure box to organise their storage space
offering complete peace of mind.


One-piece lockers - 6, 9 or 12 compartments
- 2 mm thick shock-proof ABS edging.
- Dimensions of 1 compartment : 370w x 425d x 370h
- Adjustable screw feet
- Standard doors or doors with mail slot options
- Doors equipped with a code lock handle

- Includes a soft-close system and label holder.
- Eko lockers can be ordered with or without doors

Standard Finishes:


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