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Single Working Booths:

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Hush Work

Alternative Options:

Hush Work is a new approach to individual work. It’s a solution that allows you to create a dedicated space in which you can focus. Advanced acoustic solutions ensure high comfort for the user while increasing the
feeling of privacy.
This affects both the improvement of well-being and the effectiveness of performed tasks. Hush Work is an important space for the entire organisation because as it isn’t an assigned workspace it can be used by


- Moveable / Relocatable
- Glass rear wall
- PIR air circulation
- LED lighting
- Power module with USB
- White MFC desk and shelf
- 30+ dB rating
- Upholstered using Mura or Wool fabric
- Carcass available in White or Anthracite
- Supplied with anti-collision sticker

Standard Finishes:


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