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Collaboration Booths:

Hush Meet.jpg

Hush Meet 

- can seat up to 4x people

Alternative Options:

Hush Meet is an additional, independent space for your office. It allows you to conduct meetings in a comfortable and secure environment with advanced acoustic solutions.
Additionally, the closed space provides a feeling of privacy which ensures that everyone within the Hush Meet can feel at ease. The pod is an excellent alternative to small conference rooms and can be placed wherever you want!


- Moveable / Relocatable
- Glass rear wall
- PIR air circulation
- LED lighting
- Power module with USB
- White MFC meeting table
- 30+ dB rating
- Upholstered using Mura or Wool fabric
- Carcass available in White or Anthracite
- Supplied with anti-collision sticker

Standard Finishes:


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